November 29, 2016

EVENT - 'Made Beautifully Here', Saturday 3rd December 2016

This Saturday 3rd December 2016 , Uppermills in Slaithwaite (Huddersfield) will be opening their doors to showcase local manufacturers of all things beautifully made from the region.

Dyehouse will be attending to showcase our latest FALL collection. You will be able to find us on the top floor alongside McNair's finest merino shirts.

You will also be able to sample some speciality coffee from Dark Woods (which we drink at here at the Dyehouse) or a tasty bite to eat from The Handmade Bakery (as featured in Issue 2 of our Notes magazine).


Below is a growing list of some of the other attendees:


McNair Shirts

Hiut Denim

Sgt Smith

Empire Brewing

The Handmade Bakery

Green Valley Grocer

Olicana Textiles

Louise Watson - Glass artist

Dan Booth - Printmaker

With Love Project

Dark Woods Coffee

The Cure Charcuterie



Anna-Lisa Smith

Useful Links

Saturday 3rd December 2016

10:30am til 5:30pm (last entry 5:30pm)


We hope to see you there!