April 04, 2018

FALL bench: At home at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) the leading international centre for modern and contemporary sculpture celebrated its 40th year of art without walls.

YSP is home to many British and International artists, including Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and is currently exhibiting the work by Chilean-born artist, Alfredo Jaar until the 8th April. Having the FALL bench sit alongside those from established artists has been a major accomplishment for DYEHOUSE.

Since the first FALL bench was installed into the main visitor centre two years ago, additional pieces have been placed at the park; four FALL SADDLE benches located in the underground Gallery and a supersized 9.5 metre bench, named FALL CATERPILLAR positioned on Dam Head Bridge.

Peter Murray Executive Director said “The benches are extremely elegant and seem very at home at YSP. They are well used by our visitors."

Founder and designer Mark Lee explained, “We set out to design a collection that is not only striking aesthetically, but is also practical and can be used every day. The FALL bench epitomises this. It’s dramatic in its size and execution being cut from one piece of timber, but at the end of the day it’s a bench and it was designed to be sat on. Exhibiting at YSP is a fantastic opportunity to see the FALL collection in use and it’s great to see families interact with the pieces. The benches have been well received over the years and as a designer, that’s what you hope for.”


FALL was the first concept designed for DYEHOUSE and has evolved into a series of stools, candle holders and handles. A signature 7.5 degree angle is replicated throughout the FALL collection. A defining characteristic of the range.

You can see the full DYEHOUSE collection online at www.thedyehouse.com

Photos Courtesy of ©Jonty Wilde